Bio Notes Feb 23

Bio Notes Feb 23 - Bio Notes Feb 23 Review Protista –...

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Unformatted text preview: Bio Notes Feb 23 Review Protista – jusgt meant for all organisms that are not multicelular. (Paraphyletic Clade)- The 3 Domains- Bacteria, Archarya, Eucharya all come from a common ancestor. Biotiopes of the Archaea (In the slides) • Prokaryotes continue to have an enormous ecological impact. Decomposers are CO2, H2O, and minerals.---Know some of the benefits of the root nodules- (nitrogen-fixing bacteria) *The modern clade in the slides show that the the tqo kindom system that Linnaues proposed in 1758 was not very specific. Now we having more than 8 kingdom systems and it will continue to get more complicated. *We have to know some of the new nomenclature because the previous system does not make any more sense in a cladisitic point of view. However, we will follow the Cambell system where they have a diagram in the book on clades. Nomenclature--- Excavates- Diplomonads and parabasalids are adapted to anaerobic environments . These clades lack plastids and the mitochondria do not have DNA. (which is unsual, ex. No electron-transport chain etc.) --- Diplomonads- Giardia intestinalis Giardia Life cycle- We ingest a cyst form of Giardia that may have contaminated that will get into our intestines. Out of this, the trophocites form and the cycle will continue. In the diagram in the slides, the Giardia multiple by binary fission that having a sucking disc that allows them to do not be flushed out easily by our intestines. The Cysts will continue to form in extremely large numbers and will eventually end up in streams through waste disposal....
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Bio Notes Feb 23 - Bio Notes Feb 23 Review Protista –...

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