Bio Notes March 11

Bio Notes March 11 - Bio Notes March 11 Probably won't...

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-- Probably won’t cover everything on the syllabus Osmoregulation ctd. May go over circulatory and respiratory system (unless whatever he talks about it) Blood urea -- Urea recycling in ruminants It will be transformed into urea and will then be secreted by the saliva. Big bicture is that the cow does not get any direct energy from grasses. That is the most important part. The energy comes from the volatile fatty acids. ( Volatile means that the carbon numbers would be between 4 and 6 carbons) The fewer molecules the aotm has, the more likely the compound is volqatile. Carbon adds extra sstructure to chemicals, the more carbon, the more structure, and thus, the less volatility. Digestive process- ruminants- - Comparing fermentation strategies. -- Nutritional Physiology It is important o know that the diet is highly, highly variable. Osmoregulation- Hypertonic- fluids is surrounding cell environment have (solutes) than that of the cytoplasm. -Hypotonic- fluids in the cytoplasm is greater than that of the envionment. ***** It is importand to understand what is called the environment. It could be be any part and it would mean different things. Hyperotnic- basically means more solutes Hypotonic- basically means less solutes Contracitle vacuole- freshwater protists, being so simple, will be dead if they do not have this contractile vacuole. (It is an advanced organelle) Protonephridia in platyhelminthes (flatworms) -- Proto means “the first” and phridia means “kidney”, so first kidney. Freshwater flatworms adapted somoregulatory structures. Organ systems are absent including the circulatory and respiratory systems. Alongside the flatworm, there is a flame cell that is close to end of the cell wall.
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Bio Notes March 11 - Bio Notes March 11 Probably won't...

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