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Bio Notes March 21 - CHoanocytes are the cells ina sponge...

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Bio Notes March 21 Animal Diversity Mandatory Reading: ch 33 Exam 2: all materials from exam 1 on , except chordates( plan to start on W) - focus on lecture and own review and study of appropriate mastering biology sections. Chordates are mostly going to be part of the final. The final is sort of going to be cumulative (themes of ecological.) Need to know major concepts.
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Unformatted text preview: CHoanocytes are the cells ina sponge that are responsible for trapping food particles. Cnidaria have ardially symmetrical hat has two tissue layers which belongs to which phylum. Sea anemones are mostly related to corals. All those protostomes have a ventral nervous stystem. Cestoda-Most animals possess a coelem. 202 994 4900 option 6...
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