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Biology notes March 30

Biology notes March 30 - Vertberate Amphibia “double”...

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Biology notes March 30 Chapter 34 (Chordates) - all questions will be at knowledge and comprehension level. Exam 3 is going to be cumulative. Chordates: - post-anul tail, fharingial slits, hollow nerve cord, Invertebrates Chordates: tunicates and lancelets - only in the larval stage, they have the same symmetry. You can find them on rock seashors or intertidal sandy beaches on the East Coast. Subphylum Vertebrata- animals with a saegmented backbone.
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Unformatted text preview: - Vertberate: Amphibia- “double” lifes that live in two different habitats. Closest land relative is the hippotamus. Primates are the most important group that includes the rodents and the rabbits. For more scope, that includes the nasphile and the inclusions in the rest of the group. Probosis means that it has the characteristic in the long nose....
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