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CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY Department of Economics ECON 201 – D  INTRODUCTION TO MICROECONOMICS COURSE OUTLINE - Fall 2010 Instructor:  Ivan Tchinkov                                       Office:  1155.17 E-mail:  [email protected]        Office hours:  M W 15:00-17:00 Schedule:  M W 11:45-13:00  MB- 1.210                                  Location:  Hall  Building Course objectives: This course provides an understanding of the basic principles of microeconomics and their  use in analyzing contemporary economic issues. It begins with an introduction to the  methodology   of   economics   and   continues   with   an   analysis   of   demand   and   supply.  Interactions among markets, elasticity and consumer behaviour are also discussed. A theory  of the firm is presented, together with considerations regarding the influence of market  structure on firm behaviour. Market failures, government intervention and the general  theory of welfare economics are considered. We also analyse the role of financial markets as  a source of funds for firms, and as a link between households and firms. Textbook:   Douglas Curtis, Ian Irvine and David Begg,   Microeconomics , 2 nd   Canadian Edition, 2010,  McGraw-Hill Ryerson.    The electronic study guide to this textbook (which includes an e-book),   Connect , and  electronic evaluation program,   Lyryx , can be accessed electronically via the internet. The  access   code   cards   for   both   Connect   and   Lyryx   can   be   purchased   from   the   Concordia  Bookstore with the textbook in a shrink-wrapped package. Alternatively, the access code  card for   Connect   (including an e-book) can be purchased separately from the Concordia  Bookstore, and  Lyryx  access code can be purchased from either the Concordia Bookstore or  from There is also the option of buying  Connect  (with an e-book)   plus Lyryx, without a hard copy  version of the textbook. Purchase your PIN code access for these products directly from the 
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This note was uploaded on 03/19/2012 for the course ECON 201 taught by Professor Ianirvine during the Fall '10 term at Concordia University Irvine.

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syllabus201_D - CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY Department of...

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