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Lab Report 1 - 09 SEPT 2007 Nick Boyer Section 4 Tuesday...

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09 SEPT 2007 Nick Boyer Section 4 Tuesday 1-4pm MSE 232 Vanderbilt University Nashville, TN 37235 Dear Mrs. JoAnn Scales, Results of the Tensile Testing experiment, performed on 04, Sept. 2007 are reported in this letter. The main objectives of the lab were to utilize the tensile test to find the Young’s Modulus, tensile strength (σ uts ), 0.2% offset yield strength (σ y ), total elongation (ε T ), percent elongation, and the percent reduction in area (R A ) of hardened Al alloy (2024-T3) and plain carbon steel (1018) in two different microstructural conditions. After obtaining the samples, the first step was to measure the gauge length, overall length and the diameter of each sample in millimeters (mm) using a digital caliper, taking several measurements in order to estimate the probable error (see Table 1.1). The group then conducted the tensile strength test by loading each sample into the mechanical load frame one at a time. After the data was gathered for each sample a picture was taken of the fractured samples (see Image 1.1) and all the samples were fitted together and measured to determine the final length and final cross sectional area (see Table 1.2). All the measurements were taken so the mechanical characteristics of the materials could be determined. Our results showed the mechanical characteristics of a metal are drastically
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Lab Report 1 - 09 SEPT 2007 Nick Boyer Section 4 Tuesday...

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