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DESC 200 Fundamentals of Information Technology SECTIONS X AND Y Fall 2010 This syllabus is subject to change and any changes will be posted in the Announcements section of the course website. Disclaimer: In the event of extraordinary circumstances beyond the University's control, the content and/or evaluation scheme in this course is subject to change. INSTRUCTOR The instructor for this course is Dr. Raafat Saadé. CONTACT INFORMATION The Head Teaching Assistant for this course is Serge Elgaly and he can be reached as follows: desc200@econcordia.com Allow for a 24 hour response time during the week (Monday-Friday). Teaching Assistants check their messages once over the 48 hour weekend period and are not available on statutory or university holidays. If your communication with the TA is delayed by more than 24 hours, please re-send the e-mail and CC your professor as soon as possible. Today, understanding the fundamentals of information technology (IT) is necessary. This course deals with information technology issues such as software, hardware, tele-communications, the Internet and personal productivity. The course will bring you up to speed on the different facets of information technology and will prepare you not only for courses to come but also for today's industry expectations. This course is designed to provide you with the opportunity to deal with information technology from different perspectives and focuses on practice rather than theory. To that effect, you are required to be an active participant by participating in a number of interactive activities. From a pedagogical perspective, the design of the course is based on cognitivism and inquiry. Cognitivism focuses on the use and development of cognitive skills (as they relate to IT in this case) while 'inquiry' is derived from learning by exploration. Additionally, web-based support activities are provided by means of a series of virtual tutorials. The format provides an opportunity to further develop self-directed learning, encompassing 40 hours of hands-on experience in a virtual laboratory.
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OBTAINING REQUIRED MATERIAL The text required for this course is available through the course website and is included in the cost of the course textbook fee. Principles of Information Technology and Business Productivity, Custom Edition for Department of Decision Sciences and MIS, DESC200, Pearson Custom Publishing COURSE WEBSITE, USERNAME & PASSWORD Your eConcordia account will be valid until the end of the term for which you are registered. Your account will allow you to access the online course material, which includes videos, notes, all graded course components, useful links, readings and many more resources from the course website for the duration of the term. The course website can be accessed at
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outline_information_technology - DESC 200 Fundamentals of...

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