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212 Wed2 Outline (Fall 2010)mjb

212 Wed2 Outline (Fall 2010)mjb - CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY John...

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CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY John Molson School of Business Department of Marketing COMM 212 - BUSINESS COMMUNICATION Fall 2010 Office : MB 13.285 Classroom: MB 1.210 Professor: Maria Jose Errunza Time : Wed. 17:45 to 20:15 Consultation : By appointment Phone : 514 848 2424 ext. 2962 E-mail: [email protected] SUPPLEMENTARY COURSE OUTLINE Course Objectives : The objective of this course is to help you improve the many communication skills that are needed to succeed in the business environment. Good communication skills are vitally important for your success in university and in the business world. Skills include analytical thinking, problem solving, audience analysis, effective reading, writing, listening, speaking, evaluation and collaborative skills. Throughout the course, participants are encouraged to move from the perspective of student to that of communications analyst and consultant. Required reading: Guffey, Rhodes and Rogin. Business Communication: Process and Product. 3rd Brief Canadian edition. Thomson-Nelson, 2010 You are required to have access to e-mail and the Internet for this course. Instructional Methods and Procedures: 1. Classes consist of brief lectures, presentations, writing exercises, group meetings and focused discussions. All students are required to make individual and group oral presentations, to use presentation software such as PowerPoint, to access the Internet for readings and research, and to communicate using e-mail. You are expected to participate in the analysis, critiquing and evaluation of each other’s work. 2. COMM 212 is taught as a “workshop” class. This means that you will be involved in group work and discussion during class time. It is thus essential to be on time and to attend all classes. No make- up for missed class time is offered. 3. Always bring your textbook, current rough drafts and writing materials to class. 4. Plagiarism or submission of the same assignment to more than one professor is a serious misdemeanor and will be dealt with as outlined in the Concordia University Undergraduate Calendar. Evaluation
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2 Grading is competitive. Only letter grades are allocated. The “A” category is strictly reserved for work that is outstanding and meets high professional standards. The breakdown of the final grade is as follows: 25% Writing Assignment #1 ( Polished “CV” 5%) Writing Assignment #2 ( Proposal memo 5%) Writing Assignment #3 ( Formal Business Report 15%) 25%
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212 Wed2 Outline (Fall 2010)mjb - CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY John...

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