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Bio exam 4 test bank

Bio exam 4 test bank - 1 a 2 a 3 a 4 a 5 a 6 a 7 a 8 a 9 a...

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1. What is not true about Horizon A? a. Mostly minerals 2. Which of the following is not true? a. Clay-Middle sized, intermediate 3. Where does most biomass in a plant come from? a. Carbon and oxygen 4. Which Is not a macronutrient? a. Iron 5. Which fact is true? a. Leghemoglobin provides a low O2 environment for nitrogen fixation 6. Plants become carnivorous bc of lack of a. Nitrogen 7. What is an incomplete flower? a. Lacks one or more of the floral organs 8. What is the function of an endosperm? a. supplies nutrients for embryo 9. What is the stamen made of? a. Anther and filament 10. I had a diagram of a flower pointing to the anther and you had to tell that that was the anther. 11. Which is a true pair? a. Female gametophyte-embryo sac 12. Put these in order. (these are in the right order) a. Megasporocyte-meisois-megaspore-mitosis-embryo sac 13. What produces the female gametophyte? a. Megasporocyte 14. Which of these is a triploid? a. Endosperm 15. What is unique about a monocot? a. Coleoptiles 16. What is the function of the root cap? a. Protect apical meristem 17. Pro a. Variability 18. I had one of the sporphytic ones and one was the same so it was none of these wil germinate 19. A group of cells makes up? a. Tissues 20. An animal has how many tissues? a. 4 21. What is an example of connective tissue? a. Cartilage 22. I had a graph with two lines both increasing so it would be a. Conformer and conformer 23. Which of these negates the initial change? a. Negative feedback 24. Which of these drives events to a conclusion? a. Positive feedback
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25. Which is an example of positive feedback? a. A child breastfeeding increases hormones* b. Increase in increase in c. Increase increase d. Decreases increase 26. Which of these does not balance? a. Exchange in metabolism 27. Cells are limited to size larger cells a. Decrease surface to volume ratio 28. BMR and SMR- resting and fasting 29. Both an ectotherm and endotherm are the same size. Why can the ectotherm digest either faster or more? Endotherm expends more energy 30. *What is the difference between carbs and fats absorption?
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