Basketball - the actual pick In the pros you are...

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Basketball You have 10 seconds to cross the half court line You have 5 seconds to pass the ball in If you are fouled while you are shooting, you will be awarded 2 free throwsPushing an opposing player is a foul You must use your pivot foot to move around with the basketball if you are not dribbling A player is out of bounds when any part of his body is in contact with the floor or any object on, above or outside of the boundary lines A dribble starts when a player throws, taps, or rolls it on the floor and touches it again before it touches another player A foul will be called for illegal screening when there is movement by the screener during
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Unformatted text preview: the actual pick In the pros, you are disqualified from playing in the game on your 6th foul Hand checking is the action by a defensive player in a guarding situation where the hand or hands are used to contact an opponent to either impede his progress or to assist the defensive player in guarding his opponent. Once you start you're dribble and that second hand makes contact with the ball, whether it's for picking up your dribble, or on accident, your dribble is legally over...
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