The American football field

The American football field - The American football field...

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The American football field OVERVIEW History of the game Objective: American football is played by two teams who will have eleven players on the field at any one time. The object of the game is to get the ball to the opponents end of the field, and score more points than the opposing team. To start a game, the referee will toss a coin. The visiting captain calls. The winner of the toss can decide whether to start in offense (receive the kick) or defense (deliver the kick). When play restarts in the second half, the captain who lost the toss at the beginning of the game chooses. If a game goes into overtime, the first team to score wins, so the captain will almost always choose to go on the offense. Teams change ends at the start of the quarter. Playing time lasts for one hour, divided into four fifteen minute quarters. There is a fifteen minute break between the second and third quarters (each half of the game). The clock is stopped when the ball is not in play, when a foul has been committed, or when a fair catch has been caught. The clock is also stopped for time outs. Both teams are allowed three time outs, lasting a maximum of two minutes each, in each half. Both the clock and the game itself are stopped two minutes from the end of each half by the referee to allow the teams to plan their strategies. If the scores are level at the end of the fourth quarter, overtime will be played. In NFL games, only one period of overtime is played, and if the scores are still level, the game is declared a draw. For championship and playoff games, periods are played until a winner is decided (the first team to score). MORE COMPLEX RULES Kick off Top of page Play starts with a kick off at the start of the second half, but when the teams turn around and change ends at the start of the first and third quarters, play is started from the same position on the field as where it finished, but in the opposite half of the field. The same team will keep possession. The kick-off is used to restart play after all point-afters and field goals. The kick-offs are always taken from the 35-yard line, unless a penalty has been given. The team making the point after always restarts the game
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with a kick-off. If the kick is unsuccessful, the defense starts play from their own 25-yard line and so they become the offense. Scoring Top of page As with many sports, the object is to score more points than the opponents. There are several different ways of scoring in American football. The largest single score comes from a touchdown. This is worth six points. It is scored when an offensive player runs into the opposing end zone while in possession of the ball. A receiver can also make a catch delivered into the same area. The ball does not have to be actually 'touched down' on the ground for the points to be scored. A successful touchdown is followed by a kick through the goalposts, known as the conversion, or 'point-
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The American football field - The American football field...

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