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Floor Plan Checkpoint - Tanita D Wright Floor Plan...

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Tanita D. Wright Floor Plan Checkpoint CJS/250 Robert Clark Wright 2/21/2012
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Floor Plan Checkpoint Basic Layout of the spa: The floor plan that is located below is for Salon De’ Tanita. It is a one floor area that is broken up into six sections. When you first enter the spa you walk into the reception area that also contains small merchandise such as shampoos, hair brushes, cosmetics, and other miscellaneous products. It also contains a front desk with cash register and filing cabinets for client files and information. Behind the reception area is the waiting area or relaxation area where clients who are waiting for a technician can sit and wait and read through magazines and talk amongst each other. When facing the reception and waiting areas, off to the left is the pedicure and manicure stations, accompanied by shampoo stations. This area is separated by a glass wall that is smoked so you cannot see through it. Off to the right of the reception area are private rooms for massages, mud baths, and all other private needs in a spa. Located throughout the spa in random areas are facial locations and random
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