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Biography of Allan P

Biography of Allan P - Running head BIOGRAPHY OF ALLAN...

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Running head: BIOGRAPHY OF ALLAN PINKERTON 1 Biography of Allan Pinkerton Tanita D. Wright CJS/250 January 29, 2012 Robert Clark
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BIOGRAPHY OF ALLAN PINKERTON 2 Biography of Allan Pinkerton Allan J. Pinkerton was born into poverty in Glasgow in August of 1819. He was the son a policeman who could no longer work due to injuries from the job. To help support his family, Allan Pinkerton worked as an apprentice barrel maker, but eventually ran into trouble with the local authorities because of his participation in the Chartist movement. Since Pinkerton was always one step ahead of the law because of a price that was placed on his head, Pinkerton and his bride Joan packed up and fled to Canada in 1842. When they arrived at Canada, he and his wife were completely penniless, so when Pinkerton was offered a job as a cooper for Lill’s Brewery in Chicago, he took the job (Pinkerton Detective Agency, Nove). While working for the brewery Pinkerton realized that working for himself would be more profitable for him and his family so he moved to the small town of Dundee, Illinois. After moving to Dundee, Illinois, Pinkerton still continued to make barrels and quickly gained control of the market because of his quality and low prices of his product. While looking ways to save money, by not paying someone else for barrel parts, he stumbled across a deserted
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Biography of Allan P - Running head BIOGRAPHY OF ALLAN...

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