Brown et al., 2010 On the importance...

Brown et al., 2010 On the importance... - On the importance...

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Unformatted text preview: On the importance of minding one Õ s P s and T s: metamorphic processes and quantitative petrology M. BROWN, 1 R. W. WHITE 2 AND M. SANDIFORD 3 1 Laboratory for Crustal Petrology, Department of Geology, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742-4211, USA ([email protected]) 2 Earth System Science Research Center, Institute for Geosciences, University of Mainz, Becherweg 21, D-55099, Mainz, Germany 3 School of Earth Sciences, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Vic. 3010, Australia ABSTRACT This Special Issue comprises a selection of the papers given at a two-day discussion meeting held at the University of Melbourne, Australia in June 2009 to celebrate Roger Powell Õ s 60th birthday. At this milestone, it is fitting to review Roger Õ s career to date. He has published 200 scientific papers on topics that range from low- to high-grade metamorphism, from low- to ultrahigh-pressure (UHP) metamor- phism, and from thermodynamics to kinetics. Most of Roger Õ s papers are multi-authored and address important questions in the petrogenesis of metamorphic rocks. Roger is widely known for his work with Tim Holland to develop the most complete internally consistent dataset of thermodynamic properties of end members of phases necessary to undertake calculations on the conditions of formation and modification of metamorphic rocks. Additionally, Roger and Tim have developed activity–composition models for many of these phases, building on their important methodological developments in formulating such models. Roger is also responsible for the ongoing development of THERMOCALC THERMOCALC , a thermodynamic calculation software package that may be used to undertake a wide range of phase diagram calculations, including P – T projections, P – T , P – X and T – X , compatibility diagrams and l – l diagrams. Together, Roger and Tim have changed the way we carry out quantitative phase equilibria studies. However, Roger Õ s contributions to metamorphic petrology go well beyond the development of phase equilibria methods and mineral thermodynamics. He has contributed significantly to our understanding of a range of metamorphic processes, and with an extensive array of co-authors has shown how phase equilibria can be used to understand the evolution of metamorphic rocks in general terms as well as in specific terranes. The papers in this Special Issue cover the range from the stabilization of the continents to understanding the formation of orogenic gold deposits, from the stability of sapphirine–quartz-bearing assemblages to the crystallization of melt in migmatites, from the effects of ferric iron and sulphur on the stability of metamorphic mineral assemblages in general to the effects of ferric iron and H 2 O on the stability of eclogite in particular, and to the quantification of UHP metamorphism. It is our hope that in reading these contributions, you will be stimulated to seek a better understanding of metamorphic processes and to improve our quantification of the variables in...
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Brown et al., 2010 On the importance... - On the importance...

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