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Lab Report 2 - 1 16 SEPT 2007 Nick Boyer Section 4 Tuesday...

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Nick Boyer Section 4 Tuesday 1-4pm MSE 232 Vanderbilt University Nashville, TN 37235 Dear Mrs. JoAnn Scales, Results of the Cold Working experiment performed on 11 Sept 2007 are reported in this letter. The goal of this experiment was to determine the effect cold rolling has on the mechanical characteristics of 1018 steel using a Rockwell Hardness tester as well as utilizing a tensile testing machine. The equipment used in this experiment were the Rolling Mill, Rockwell Hardness Tester, Mechanical load frame and computerized instrumentation, grips for sample, digital vernier calipers, and safety glasses. Before the samples were cold rolled, the gage length, overall length, width, thickness and hardness were measured in order to determine the change after cold rolling (See Table 2.1). The group calculated the exact value for each reduction in thickness (See Table 2.2) and proceeded to use the cold rolling machine, turning the wheel on the side to decrease the distance between the rollers and then inserting each sample one at a time until the sample reached the desired thickness. The group took measurements of the dimensions and the hardness of the samples (See Table 2.3). Tensile tests were performed to determine the yield strength and the ultimate tensile strength (UTS). After the load test were complete we measured the final lengths to determine the stress to failure (See Table 2.4). The last step of the experiment was to take a picture of the fractures (See Image 2.1). This experiment successfully demonstrated the change in the mechanical
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Lab Report 2 - 1 16 SEPT 2007 Nick Boyer Section 4 Tuesday...

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