2011 - gift but my family was still seemed neutral I became...

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2011 It was New Year’s evening when I was suffering from fever and my whole life was seemed pointless. Everyone was enjoying the party thrown by my brother and I was ordered to take rest in my room. That day the only thought which I had in my mind was that this year is going to be the worst year of my life. Continuously thinking caused me headache. I slept in between 12 to 1. Next day was not so special but the 3 rd Jan I cannot just lay my bed and watch everyone doing their works. It was my birthday after all but the same order by Mom actually made me sick. At 4 o’clock my friend Archana came with a nice
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Unformatted text preview: gift but my family was still seemed neutral. I became angry and just went to my room and slept. Around 8 my mother called me for dinner and when I came out I was surprised my whole house was lightened and my Friends and cousins were there. Everybody was there only and only for me. I enjoyed that night like I was dreaming in my fairy land. It was a wonderful evening for me. After this wonderful day my new year actually started. After that college life in another city long holiday sessions made my year awesome. This was my 2011 A nice average year....
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