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bus 200 blog - wearing their hat He should be able to be a...

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Catherine Rivas Bus 200 Prof. Michels Employment Law Mary, a Yankee fan fired Larry for being a Red Sox fan. If I was a judge I will rule in favor of Larry because of the first amendment. I understand that she is not discriminating him. Discrimination in the work force is based on age, national origin, sex, religion, race, and physical disability. Clearly, in this case Mary is not using any of that to fire him. However, it is clear that she is firing him for being a fan of another baseball team and
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Unformatted text preview: wearing their hat. He should be able to be a fan of any team and wear their sportswear where ever he wants. It is obvious that Mary took it personal and violated the freedom of expression clause from the constitution. By being a fan, he is not harming the business at all; in fact he has been working there for 20 years and is a great worker. She should not mix business with her personal life....
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