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Bus 200 Essay 1 draft 2 - Catherine Rivas Prof Michels Bus...

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Catherine Rivas Prof . Michels Bus 200 October 7 th , 2011 CORPORATE AND CONSTITUTIONAL ESSAY QUESTION Part 1 Dear Legislator Votes, My name is Catherine Rivas and I am writing to you to propose a corporation law because I would like to start a railroad business in the state of Kansas . The railroad will benefit the state in several ways . One way that the business will benefit the state is that residents will have an additional transportation system . Also, businesses will have a more convenient and more rapid way to transport their goods to other states . As you might already know, in order to start such business, a large amount of money is required . Therefore, as the entrepreneur I will need investors to set forth this plan of opening a railroad company . The corporation law that I am proposing will be designated to establish the business as a separate legal entity . In other words, shareholders, workers and directors of the railroad company will not be held liable for any incidents within the business . If the business fails, shareholders only lose their investments and employees will only lose their jobs . I am proposing a corporation law because many investors will be unwilling to invest knowing that they would be liable in the event of an incident . Personally, I will not invest if I know I could be at risk of losing my own personal assets . This corporation law should be created for several reasons . First, it will result in more investments,
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second, if law is passed, the railroad will generate more tax revenues, third, it will create more jobs throughout the state, and finally it will without a doubt help your legislation campaign . If corporation law is passed, it will increase attraction to potential investors; residents will start investing in businesses allowing for growth and innovation in the state of Kansas . Residents will be more willing to invest because the corporation law will protect them from losing any of their personal assets . As a result of this, the state’s economy will grow because of more investors and more businesses that will be created allowing for a modern state . The growth and innovation
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Bus 200 Essay 1 draft 2 - Catherine Rivas Prof Michels Bus...

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