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Dear Legislator Larry - investors from bankruptcy if such...

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Dear Legislator Larry, I am writing to you to propose to you a bill , The Investors’ Protection Act of 1850. This bill consists of protecting investors from being liable to any injury that is caused by the business in which they invested their money for. For example, if investors invest their money in a railroad line and a train accidently crashes or derails; it is not fair to involve investors when passengers sue the railroad line. The person who is to be liable is the owner/president of the business because investors have nothing to do with the operation of the business. This act will also protect
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Unformatted text preview: investors from bankruptcy, if such thing happens investors should not be contacted by banks or individuals unless the investor is helping operate the business. The reason why I am proposing this act is because the city of Kansas needs new business, and in order to start a business we need people to invest. This act will protect investors and make them feel more comfortable when investing their money. Sincerely, Mary...
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