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The Little Pink House Book - Catherine Rivas Bus 200 The...

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Catherine Rivas Bus 200 The Little Pink House Book Setting: New London, Connecticut Chapter 1 : Susette Kelo is EMT, tells the story of her five sons and two marriages and parents. Says how she wanted to move out of the farm but her husband did not want to. She lives with one of her sons, all other four had moved on their own. Sees a house while out in an emergency and says that she wants to buy the ugly abandoned house. Chapter2 : Talks about politics, Ellef paid Levin for connections. He wants to build in front of the waterfront. Chapter 3 : Mrs. Kelo calls real estate agent to buy the house. She wants to see it, even though is an unfinished house she still wants to buy. She felt like this is the house she wanted forever. Takes out a loan and her friend painted the house. She did not tell her husband yet. Chapter 4: Ellef tells Levin to investigate the ownership of all the houses where he wants to build. Kelo offered 42,000 dollars for the house and deal was done. None believed the seller in the real estate office. Talks about the history of the house. NLCD the nonprofit org Ellef wants to develop, that was going to be run by Claire, college president, appeared in the newspaper as a diva. This chapter talks a lot about Claire. Chapter 5 : Claire was not finding any trouble to get volunteers for the new organization. Talks about George Milne’s life and education. He created medication for men who suffered from impotence: Viagra. Claire explained to Milne that one of the NLDC priorities was to market New London Mills property. Susette has her house on her name; her husband does not know yet that she purchased the property. Claire wants Milne to contribute within his company; he gave her six months to see if it is worth it. Chapter 6 : Kelo wants to become a nurse. Saw an advertisement and applied for admission. After the first e board meeting with Claire and the rest of the board, Milne stepped foot in the property and did not like what he saw and smelled. He said none will ever invest there, however Claire kept insisting. Talks about Claire’s family, education and early life. Chapter 7 : she met her neighbor and went to drink coffee with him. Chapter 8 : Viagra was launched, her neighbor came to as her how she was doing Chapter 9 : The Company said that the site was not good for development Chapter 10 : Company agreed to build on the site, they received money from the state
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Chapter 11 : Claire tracked down Reid and told him that Pfizer decided to build a large search lab and office in the New London mill site. Claire had a disagreement with him and he broke news on the “day” a few days later about the project. Tim wrote to Susette and said he loved her, she did the same. The company had agreed in communication that they will be building in NLM. Chapter 12
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The Little Pink House Book - Catherine Rivas Bus 200 The...

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