Final Paper Little Pink House

Final Paper Little Pink House - Rivas 1 Catherine Rivas...

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Rivas 1 Catherine Rivas Professor Michels BUS 200 Little Pink House Paper With the assistance of the state of Connecticut, Pfizer, Claire, Ellef, and Levin, the New London Development Corporation (NLDC) was created. Claire, a college president, known as a “diva,” served as president of the NLDC. She agreed to take on the position because she wanted to “improve the educational opportunities and social services for the city’s poor and underprivileged” (Benedict 20). The non-profit corporation sought to improve the economy of New London, which suffered from high unemployment and crime rates. The NLDC entered into an agreement with Pfizer so they could build large research labs and facilities, employee only hotel, condominiums, and conference centers. The new NLDC cited economic progress as the reason to remove homeowners such as Sussete Kelo from their private properties. Kelo, along with other homeowners fought to keep their houses on the grounds that the NLDC was wrongfully using eminent domain. The NLDC, Kelo and Claire, lost focus on what they wanted to gain from the fighting in courts; for each of the antagonists in the struggle, it ultimately became a personal issue. As soon as the NLDC noticed that homeowners were being difficult they decided to do anything possible to obtain ownership on their houses. The NLDC published advertisements on the newspaper stating that eminent domain power was soon going to take into effect; their main purpose was to let homeowners know that if they did not sell to brokers their property will be taken by eminent domain power. Brokers also revisited the houses that still remained unsold, they were hoping to convince the owners to sell
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2 their houses, “Within a week, brokers knocked n nearly every door in the neighborhood” (Benedict 63, 65). The NLDC also sent letters to the neighbors stating that they must move out of their houses because they “anticipate demolition and construction to begin in April” (Benedict 75). However, after Basilica saw the letters, he immediately went to Percy and claimed to him that he was not allowed to send those letters out because he did not have authorization from governor Rowland (Benedict 77). The NLDC also used the strategy of demolishing houses that they already owned hoping to scare the rest of the neighborhood away. The occurrence of these incidents is what led to the conclusion that
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Final Paper Little Pink House - Rivas 1 Catherine Rivas...

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