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Mission statement slide

Mission statement slide - Mission statement slide Gap Inc...

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Mission statement slide Gap Inc. creates emotional connections with customers through inspiring product design, unique store experiences and compelling marketing. They have more than 150,000 passionate, talented people around the world who help bring this purpose to life for their customers. Across their company and embedded in their culture their key values that guide their success: integrity, respect, open-mindedness, quality and balance. Everyday, they honor these values and exemplify they belief in doing their business in a socially responsible way. Board of Directors (These are the names of the BOD and the year in which they became board members) The board is responsible for oversight of the business, affairs and integrity of the company, determination of the company’s mission, long-term strategy and objectives, and oversight of the company’s risks while evaluating and directing implementation of company controls and procedures. Board member nominees are identified and considered on the basis of knowledge, experience, integrity, leadership, reputation, and ability to understand the company’s business. The board believes that diversity, including differences in backgrounds, qualifications, experiences, and personal characteristics, including gender and ethnicity/race, is important to the effectiveness of the board’s oversight of the company.
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