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ACC 321 Deliverable #1 FINAL

ACC 321 Deliverable #1 FINAL - Kyle Ropp_x000D_Catherine...

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Kyle Ropp_x000D_Catherine Rivas_x000D_Wynette Rene ACC 321_x000D_Final Project Deliverable #1 REA Diagram PURCHASE CYCLE SALES CYCLE REA TABLE PURCHASE CYCLE SALES CYCLE Resources: Cash, Inventory Items Resources: Employee Hours, Inventory Items, Cash Events: Purchase Order, Shipment, Cash Disbursement Events: Consultation, Order, Shipment, Cash Collection, Returns Agents: Purchasing Agent, Vendor Agents: Consultant, Customer, Sales Assistant, Accounts Administrator INVENTORY ITEM PURCHASE ORDER SHIPMENT RECEIVED PURCHASING AGENT PURCHASING AGENT VENDOR CASH DISBURSEMENT VENDOR VENDOR PURCHASING AGENT CONSULTATION CASH CONSULTANT HOURS (1,M) 1 (0,M) 2 (1,M) (1,1 ) (1,1 ) (0,M) 3 (1,M) (1,M) (1,M) (1,M) (1,M) (1,M) (1,M) (1,M) 4 (1,1)5 (1,M) (0,M) (0,M) (1,M) 6 (1,M) 7 1: No purchase order can exist without at least one item ordered. A purchase order can have many items. 2: An item may not be on a purchase order, but could be on many purchase orders. 3: A prospective vendor can be in the system (i.e.
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