Chm 635 Quiz-I 2012 Key - is reversed by insulin signaling,...

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Chm 635 Quiz-I (Spring 2011) 1. Provide the pathway by which lactose can enter glycolysis. (5 points) Lactose Lactase Glucose + Galactose Glucose enters glycolysis by forming Glucose-6-phosphate. 2. How the regulation of muscle phosphorylase differs from liver phosphorylase? (4 points) Muscle phosphorylase is activated by AMP, liver phosphorylase is insensitive to AMP concentration. Muscle phosphorylase is inhibited by ATP and glucose-6-phosphate, liver phosphorylase is inhibited by glucose. 3. How is GSK3 kinase involved in glycogen metabolism? (3 points)
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Glycogen synthesis is inhibited by GSK3. GSK3 phosphorylates glycogen synthase inhibiting it. This reaction
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Unformatted text preview: is reversed by insulin signaling, which inhibits GSK3 kinase, causing the activation of glycogen synthase. 4. What is the function of PFK2 enzyme? (4 points) 5. How the enolase reaction makes a low energy reactant to a high energy product? (4 points) Phosphoenol pyruvate (PEP) is a high energy product because its enol form is locked due to the phosphate group. Once phosphate group is donated, it tautomerizes to the keto form, which is more stable, making PEP a high energy compound....
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Chm 635 Quiz-I 2012 Key - is reversed by insulin signaling,...

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