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Problem Set 3 2011

Problem Set 3 2011 - CHM 241001 Spring 2011 Problem Set 3...

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2s A 2s B 2p A 2p B 1 g 2 g 1 u 2 u 1 u 1 g 14.5 eV CHM 241001 Spring 2011 Problem Set 3 Due February 16 Chapter 2 : Exercises 2.3b, 2.15(C 2 + ), 2.19b, 2.21a-b I. Rationalize the bond length order O 2 + < O 2 < O 2 - with an MO scheme, and predict the magnetic properties of each species (paramagnetic or diamagnetic). II. Sketch qualitative contours of the following orbitals in the xz plane. Assume the nuclei lie on the z-axis. A. HOMO of O 2 B. LUMO of CO III. The Figure below is a qualitative MO diagram for the dinitrogen molecule. Assume that the internuclear axis defines the z-direction and that the plane of the page is the yz plane. A. Assign each of the following contours to an energy level in the MO scheme, and explain your reasoning. In keeping with the axis system defined above, identify ALL atomic orbitals in the MO’s of I and II . B. Add the appropriate number of electrons to the diagram, and estimate the first ionization energy of the molecule.
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