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CHM 241 Spring 2011 Problem Set 6 Due April 8, 2011 Chapter 15 : Exercises: 15.7, 15.8, 15.18(A-D only) Chapter 16 : Exercises: 16.1, 16.5, 16.10 A. What is singlet oxygen, and why does it have a higher energy than normal triplet oxygen? B. When sulfur is heated with oxygen in the presence of a vanadium catalyst, a gas A is produced. Gas A dissolves in water to give a solution of acid B . Gas A combines with a stoichiometric amount of NH 3 to give a liquid C which combines with liquid ammonia to yield a 1:1 salt D . Identify materials A -D and write balanced equations for all reactions described.
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Unformatted text preview: C. Draw Lewis-dot structures for each of the following molecules or ions, and identify the molecular structure of each. Also, sketch the structure. a. N 2 O 5 b. Peroxydisulfate ion c. ClPF 4 (show two isomers) d. H 4 N 4 S 4 (ring compound) D. Compute the potential for the O 2 /H 2 O couple at pH 7 if the Latimer diagram given below is for 1 M H + . (Assume only the proton concentration is non-standard.) O 2 O 2-H 2 O 2 H 2 O-0.33 1.77 1.69 1.23 0.68...
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