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Problem Set 7 2011

Problem Set 7 2011 - Identify the oxidation state(s of...

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CHM 24100 Spring 2011 Problem Set 7 Due 04/ 25/ 2011 Chapter 17 Exercises : 17.4, 17.8a,b, 17.23 Chapter 18 Exercises : 18.4b,c (c has 4- charge), 18.5b,c A. Describe preparations for the following (a) KBrO 3(s) (from Br 2 ) (b) I 2 O 5(s) (from HIO 3 ) (c) BrF 3 (from Br 2 ) B. Upon adding BrCl to a hot aqueous solution of NaOH leads to formation of the sodium salts of three halogen-containing anions. Rationalize the findings, and balance the equation.   3 BrO Br Cl BrCl OH C.
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Unformatted text preview: Identify the oxidation state(s) of iodine that is (are) unstable with respect to disproportionation in basic solution, at pH = 14. D. The following is a contour of an orbital from the MO scheme of XeF 2 . Is it the HOMO or the LUMO? Identify the atomic orbitals involved if the molecular axis is the z-axis. E. Describe the preparation of XeOF 4 (from Xe). F Xe F H 3 IO 6 2-IO 3-I 2 I-0.7 0.54 0.20 0.257...
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