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Hà N i COURSE IMPLEMENTATION PLAN (Under Decision No: . .............................. Date:………………… ) Course name: Statistics and Data Processing Course code: MAS201 Level: Bachelor Implementation period: from 27/2/2012 to 07/4/2012 Group leader /lecturer: Nguy n Ti n Dũng ế E-mail: [email protected] Phone: 1) Main objectives and goals of the course * Upon the completion of the course, students can have a) Knowledge: • The fundamental principles of probability and their applications • The frequently used probability distributions. • The basics of descriptive statistics • The inferences of statistics: parameter estimations, hypothesis testing, regressions b) Skills: • Recognize simple statistical models and applied them to solve bussines and engineering problems. • Use Excel for problem solving. • Self-study skill. (ABET i) c) Others: * The ABET Outcomes that the course will cover: a. An ability to apply knowledge of Mathematics, Science and engineering 2) Course Textbook(s)/ Resources: a) Main books Triola M. F, Elementary Statistics Using Excel , Addison Wesley; 4 edition, (2009). ISBN- 13: 978-0-321-56496-2, ISBN-10: 0-321-56496-0 (ST). b) Reference books or resources Montgomery D.C. & Runger G.C., Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers, John 04.02e-BM/DH/HDCV/FU 1/2 1/8
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3) Implementation plan in details Topics Week Date Slots Content Category Student's task before class Teacher's Ma- terial Student's task after class Chapter 1 - Introduction to Statictics Week 1 Assignment 1 introduction Monday (27/2) 1 Course Instruction Lecture Book Chapter 1 Book, ppt, exer- cises, Book website CMS Do exercises 1.1 Review and Preview 1.2 Statistical Thinking 1.3 Types of Data 1.4 Critical Thinking 1.5 Collecting Sample Data 1.6 Introduction to Excel Tuesday (28/2) 2 Guiding exercises Tutorial Wednesda y (29/2) 3 Review exercises Tutorial Book Chapter 2 Book,ppt, exer-
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