artist review - African-American and illustrated with...

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Ryan Inscoe Contemporary Art Jean-Michel Basquiat A master at work I choose Jean- Michel Basquiat a contemporary artist, contemporary art has always been my favorite type of art work and Michel did a lot of his work using graffiti. His works are very appealing and controversial. “Basquiat had developed his energetic and highly
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marketable brand of painting. Shocking, ugly, expressive, controversial, but nonetheless hugely 'visual', it was a melange of tribal art , ancient Egyptian motifs, street symbols, pictograms, logos, collage , text, 'found materials' and other junk art , as well as references derived from Leonardo Da Vinci's notebooks and the Henry Dreyfuss Symbol Sourcebook” “The overall message Michel conveyed was suitably anti-bourgeois, anti-racist, anti-police,
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Unformatted text preview: African-American and illustrated with iconographic imagery of black consciousness and the ghetto. As he became a celebrity and the pressure mounted on him to produce, he would fuel up with cocaine and marijuana, paint up to 18 hours in a row and then rely on heroin to get to sleep.” Michel had stress on himself to do more and more works of art and made him want to turn to drugs. This is evidence that artists can become stressed and turn to drugs to try and self medicate there stress. Michel died of an overdose on August 12, 1988, at his art studio in Great Jones Street. His art would be remembered forever. I learned that even the most talented artists can still be under pressure and stress....
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artist review - African-American and illustrated with...

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