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EXAM 1 – Review Sheet MAR 3023 Questions for the first exam will be asked about the following topics: (Multiple Choice, Matching and True/False questions, 140 points in total) A. Class Examples and Current Events B. Chapter 1: Overview of Marketing 1. Definition of marketing 2. Core Aspects of Marketing – Know all aspects thoroughly 3. Marketing Evolution: Production, Sales, Marketing, and Value 4. Why is Marketing Important? C. Chapter 2: Marketing Strategy 1. Sustainable Competitive Advantage 2. 4 Macro strategies for Developing Customer Value 3. The marketing plan a. 5 steps in developing the marketing plan – Know all elements of all steps thoroughly b. SWOT Analysis c. STP – segmentation, targeting, and Positioning
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Unformatted text preview: d. Portfolio Analysis (BCG Matrix) i. Dogs, stars, cash cows, and problem children 4. 4 Major Growth strategies D. Chapter 3: Marketing Ethics 1. Creating an ethical climate 2. Influence of personal ethics 3. Corporate Social responsibility 4. 4 steps in the Ethical Decision-Making Framework a. Ethical decision-making metric 5. The six tests of ethical action E. Chapter 4: Analyzing the Marketing Environment 1. The marketing Environment Know all components thoroughly a. Consumers b. Immediate environment c. Macro environment d. Do not need to know legislation (exhibits 4.8 and 4.9) 2. Corporate Social responsibility...
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