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EXAM 1 – Review Sheet MAR 3023 Questions for the first exam will be asked about the following topics: (Multiple Choice, Matching and True/False questions, 140 points in total) A. Class Examples and Current Events B. Chapter 1: Overview of Marketing 1. Definition of marketing 2. Core Aspects of Marketing – Know all aspects thoroughly 3. Marketing Evolution: Production, Sales, Marketing, and Value 4. Why is Marketing Important? C. Chapter 2: Marketing Strategy 1. Sustainable Competitive Advantage 2. 4 Macro strategies for Developing Customer Value 3. The marketing plan a. 5 steps in developing the marketing plan – Know all elements of all steps thoroughly b. SWOT Analysis c. STP – segmentation, targeting, and Positioning
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Unformatted text preview: d. Portfolio Analysis (BCG Matrix) i. Dogs, stars, cash cows, and problem children 4. 4 Major Growth strategies D. Chapter 3: Marketing Ethics 1. Creating an ethical climate 2. Influence of personal ethics 3. Corporate Social responsibility 4. 4 steps in the Ethical Decision-Making Framework a. Ethical decision-making metric 5. The six tests of ethical action E. Chapter 4: Analyzing the Marketing Environment 1. The marketing Environment – Know all components thoroughly a. Consumers b. Immediate environment c. Macro environment d. Do not need to know legislation (exhibits 4.8 and 4.9) 2. Corporate Social responsibility...
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