Homework 1 - Name: (please print) Homework 1 Spring 2012...

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Name: (please print) Email ID Section Homework 1 Spring 2012 YOU MUST SHOW WORK TO GET FULL CREDIT. Due in class on Monday, January 23, 2012. Staple all pages together with the questions in the order given below. If you take any definitions/concepts directly from the packet, please cite the page number in the packet . Please sign the Academic Integrity Pledge below and turn it in with your homework. I affirm that I have neither given, received, nor witnessed unauthorized aid on this deliverable and have completed this work honestly and according to the professor’s guidelines. Signature 1. Define population and sample. Population - Group of elements for which understanding is desired. Packet pg. 10. Sample - Subset of population or process. Packet pg. 10. 2. Give an example of a population and a sample. Population : chimpanzees in a zoo Sample : Female chimpanzees in the zoo 3. Define parameter and statistic. Parameter- Number that summarizes same aspect of a population or process- descriptive measure of a
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Homework 1 - Name: (please print) Homework 1 Spring 2012...

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