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Biology 1305 Chapter 1 Biology-study of life Properties of life Adaptation Order Response to the environment Regulation (of metabolism) Reproduction Energy processing Growth and development Organisms can be single cell Evolution The unity of living organisms o DNA molecule code o Same bases and sugars, pairings and organizations Diversity of living organisms o What is the sequence of dna? How large is the molecule? Suitability for a given environment o Our bodies make errors to contribute to surviving longer Positive Feedback-the end product speeds up its production Example, chemicals that attract platelets o Platelets aren’t real cells o Then the platelets that are there attract more platelets Example 2, oxytocin-causes smooth muscle contracts. Used to induce labor in child birth o As the contractions increase, oxytocin levels increase even more Negative Feedback-the end product slows down the process
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Unformatted text preview: • Example, excess ATP inhitibs the enzyme that catalyzes the breakdown of sugar o If ur working out or exercising, ur using all the ATP and there’s none to inhibit the production • Example 2, pancreas produces insulin and glucagon o Insulin helps glucose into cells, lowering blood glucose o Glucagon stimulates the breakdown of glycogen stores in muscle and liver tissues to increase blood glucose levels o High blood sugar destroys red blood cells and nerves (holy fuck) Domain is Prokaryote or Eukaryote Bacteria and Archae-have dna but not encased in nucleus Eukarya-has membrane bound nucleus and cell organelles • Protists-unicelllular Discovery Science-you don’t manipulate anything Inductive reasoning-we try to come up with a theory of how all these discoveries fit together Hypothesis-based science-has to be testable and falsifiable...
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