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Chapter 22 Quiz ANS - Chapter 22 Quiz 1 Darwin originally...

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Chapter 22 Quiz 1. Darwin originally defined evolution as _____. a. the passing of acquired characteristics to offspring b. an individual's ability to adapt to its environment c. descent with modification d. a way to classify organisms based on morphological similarities e. none of the listed responses is correct 2. Which of the following is a key observation that must be explained in a unifying theory about life? a. All living things require oxygen to survive. b. Many basic characteristics are shared by all living things. c. Evolution is based on descent with modification. d. The Earth is very old e. Organisms are rarely well-suited to their environments. 3. Which of the following is an example of the process of evolution? a. The existence of homologous traits such as the forelimbs of mammals b. The large number and diversity of species of marsupials in Australia c. The changes in organisms over time observed in the fossil record d. Herbivory e. The observed match between organisms and their environments 4. The scala naturae , or scale of nature, is based on the ideas of _____. a. Darwin b. Lamarck c. Aristotle d. Linnaeus e. Lyell 5. At the time Darwin voyaged on the HMS Beagle , the popularly accepted theory in Western culture that explained the origin of Earth's plants and animals held that the various species _____. a. Arose continually from nonliving materials by spontaneous generation b. Had been created by divine intervention a few thousand years before c. Had evolved from now-extinct organisms d. Arose from a single species that had survived the biblical flood e. Are all related to one another 6. Carolus Linnaeus is considered to be the founder of _____, and he _____. a. Paleontology . .. believed in catastrophism b. uniformitarianism . .. believed the same geologic forces are operating today that occurred in the past c. genetics . .. described the mechanism for descent with modification d. evolution . .. first proposed that acquired characteristics are inherited e. the binomial classification system . .. thought that resemblances among different species reflected the pattern of their creation 7. The modern idea of extinction as a common occurrence in Earth's history was first proposed in the early 19th century writings of _____. a. Cuvier b. Lamarck c. Aristotle d. Wallace e. Lyell 8. Lyell's principle of uniformitarianism _____. a. was rejected by Darwin in favor of catastrophism b. was compatible with the idea of the Earth being only a few thousand years old
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c. was similar to Lamarck's theory of inheritance of acquired characteristics d. states that current geologic processes are very different from those that operated in the past e. strongly influenced Darwin's view of how living organisms could change over time 9. Which of the following is a true statement about Charles Darwin? a.
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Chapter 22 Quiz ANS - Chapter 22 Quiz 1 Darwin originally...

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