Chapter 24 – The Origin of SpeciesREV

Chapter 24 – The Origin of SpeciesREV -...

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Chapter 24 – The Origin of Species Speciation – Compose a definition using the words microevolution, macroevolution, and speciation to adequately describe the nature of these words. Where one species undergoes enough microevolution to classify on a macroevolution level. How Are Species Classified? – From the following scenarios, identify which of the following are best associated with the biological species concept, the morphological species concept, the ecological species concept, and the phylogenetic species concept. Identify how the other concepts would inadequately describe the species. 1. The 1990s brought DNA, RNA, and protein sequencing to the fore. The advantage of sequencing approaches from a taxonomic viewpoint is that sequences can be used to infer the evolution of lineages. The highly conserved 16S rRNA gene became the primary macromolecule for phylogeny because of its fidelity in deducing the relatedness of Bacteria and Archaea at taxonomic levels at and above the genus level. As a result, the entire second edition of Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology uses the linear approach for classifying Bacteria and Archaea. Therefore, for the first time, there is a complete hierarchical taxonomy for the Bacteria and Archaea from the domain down to the genus. Phylogentic
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Chapter 24 – The Origin of SpeciesREV -...

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