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Brennan Woods 1/17/2010 World History 112 TTh 1:00 Black Athena Questions Dr. White 1. . 2. According to the Aryan Model, which is still generally taught today, Classical Greek civilization was the result of a conquest of the present Greece from the north by the by Hellenes. These were Indo-European speakers or Aryans. The population of the Aegean, whom they conquered are simply called by modern scholars as ‘Pre-Hellenes’. The Ancient model overall was that the ancestors of the Greeks had lived in simplicity until the arrival of Egyptian and Phoenician leaders. These had acquired cities and introduced the arts of civilization; specifically ‘Greek’ religion, irrigation, various types of weapons and the alphabet. Ancient writers maintained that Greeks had continued to learn from the Egyptians, through study in Egypt and that many if not most of the greatest Greek statesmen, philosophers and scientists had visited the Nile Valley. 3.
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