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Ch 12 mid term questions

Ch 12 mid term questions - Brennan Woods Mid-term...

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Brennan Woods Mid-term Assignment Chapter 12 When it comes to the actual truth of why Rome fell there are many variations such as the myths of lead poisoning, radiation given by off bricks, immorality. There is supported evidence that showed that Rome faced internal oppositions. As result of the large empire they were faced with the task of managing taxes, military, land and much more. As emperor, Diocletian was a power ruler. In order to manage his empire he divided the empire by three administration branches. He divided east and west and a lieutenant. After his retirement the generals often argued over power which later leads to a divided nation. Salvian believes that the Roman Empire failed because of its internal social problems. In his article he states “the Romans oppress each other with exactions”(Salvian). Often the oppression came from the tension among social classes where people did unrighteous things to the opposing social class. As a result people became angry with the way of life and decided to
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