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Brennan Woods Ch 13 Questions 1. It allowed silk to be made outside of china, and so china's monopoly on silk was ended and it could be obtained for much less money 2. Byzantine was established in 330 AD, when Emperor Constantine segregated the Roman Empire into two halves, declaring Constantinople the new capital. They had the knowledge of how to construct aqueduct systems for plumbing purposes and paved roads for transporting goods easily. As a result their hygiene and technological advancement was slightly more developed than the rest of Europe during the Middle Ages. Philosophical ideas, inventions, architecture and warfare techniques were transferred to Byzantium provinces, but they also retained a political system much like Western Rome's senate. The senate was a form of democracy, where "illustres" represented themselves as modern politicians. They were important in creating decisions and taking action on events affecting Byzantine, but also in constructing its future. 3.
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