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Ch 14 questions

Ch 14 questions - Brennan Woods Chapter 14 questions 1...

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Brennan Woods Chapter 14 questions 1. Muhammad was from Arabia which was polytheistic meaning more than one god. 2. There's five of them: 1)Declaration of faith - To say and believe that there is no diety except God, and the Prophet Muhammad is his final Messenger 2)Prayer - To pray 5 times a day while facing Mecca 3)Fast - To fast the Holy Month of Ramadan 4)Zakat - To give to the poor a percentage of your wealth 5)Hajj - To make a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in your life 3. The Abbasid state were more accepting to other religions. Instead of conquering new lands, the Abbasids largely centered themselves with administering the empire they inherited. A strong centralized government made up ulama (people with religious knowledge) and quadis( judges. These people set up polices that worked for all Arabs. 4. They annihilated the clan and won the battle against Umayyad. Umayyad ruled the dar al- Islam for the interests of Arabian military aristocracy. Abbasids showed no special favor
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