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Brennan Woods Professor Walton English 101 G November 25, 2009 Humble Yourself Throughout life I encountered many people that impact my life negatively and positively. It is these people that shape and molded me into the person that I have became. The person who has had the most impact on my life the most was Dr. Carl Cunningham Jr. He is currently a Geography professor at the University of South Alabama and also Director of Minority Affair. A graduated of Jackson State University, he later received his masters and decorate degrees from the University of Southern Mississippi in Urban Studies. Dr. Cunningham was a man well dressed, well spoken, well read, well traveled, well balanced man. Although short and bald he demanded attention and project authority wherever he went. While in high school, I was considered one of the students who thought that he or she were better than their fellow peers. My school was divided by social class and academic performance. Students who were either smart or in higher social standing were part of International Baccalaureate Program. During my Sophomore year in high school, Dr. Cunningham was doing research for his upcoming book. Often I would see Dr. Cunningham roaming around campus or sitting on bench making observations of people as they passed. Unaware I was being watch, Dr. Cunningham approached me one day while I was walking to my next class. He introduced himself to me and asked would I join him for lunch on campus. At this moment I was thinking to myself this man is insane. Later that day we met up at the café for lunch. As we set down, my stomach began to have a strange tightening in it as though something bad was about to happen. He was very blunt from the beginning. He said to me, “Son you need
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fix your attitude.” My mouth completely fell open. I had been insulted by someone who had known nothing about me. Before I had the chance to storm off raising hell he told me to remain seated and listen. After about an hour of talking, I actually took heed to some of the wise words he was telling me. He told me to meet him next Monday downtown at a local homeless shelter. That following Monday we met at the Waterfront Mission Home. That day I was exposed to a different side of my city. Unlike the usual homeless who roamed the city, these were doctors, lawyers, teacher men and women who were the victims of the recent recession. That day we fed over one-hundred families.
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autoB - Brennan Woods Professor Walton English 101 G Humble...

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