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Brennan Woods Mr. Walton English 101 MWF 8:00 A.M. “Beauty and the Beef” Joey Green is a well known editor who currently writes for National Lampoon magazine. He has published over thirty books in the last decade. As a contributing editor in Spy magazine, he wrote an article named “Beauty and the beef.” The 1996 article explained the rigorous process of creating a commercial for Burger King’s world famous Whopper. The actual process for making a whopper commercial is quite extensive. The process begins early in the morning when vegetables are flown in to ensure freshness.
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Unformatted text preview: The commercial team involves numerous of trained professionals ranging from make up artists, lighting, and gas handlers. These people are assigned tasks such as making sure the Whopper is a certain color and that its charcoal lines are perfect. The team even takes time to make sure that each sesame seed is hand placed in the right positions. After hours of working the whopper looks magnificent. All this work ensures that when the customer see the commercial there mind be captivated by the succulent beauty and will only want a Whopper on there next burger trip....
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