Black Men and Public Space

Black Men and - While working as journalist in Chicago Staples was assumed as a burglar entering a magazine office As a response he was perused by

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Brennan Woods 09/21/2009 Mr. Walton 8:00 A.M MWF “Black Men and Public Space” Brent Staple is editorial writers who written for numerous magazines such New York Times and Slate. Staples 1986 article Black Men and Public Space” first appeared Ms. magazine. Brent Staples essay starts off with him sharing his personal experiences as a black male growing up in a society where racism allows for people to fear black men in public spaces. Staples first victim was a white woman who noticed him was walking behind her and decided to pick up her walking pace. Being an active night walker he soon realized how his presence altered public spaces negatively. Staples understood that even though racism was involved in his stereotype, he understood why women felt uncomfortable.
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Unformatted text preview: While working as journalist in Chicago Staples was assumed as a burglar entering a magazine office. As a response he was perused by an ad hoc posse until he was recognize by one of the workers. One day while browsing in an upscale jewelry store the proprietor excused herself and returned with huge Doberman in order to intimidate him out of the store. Among these occurrences Staples also experienced people crossing the street just to avoid walking towards him on side walk. He observed how men and women would eagerly lock car doors when they saw him near. Staples realized that his ability to alter spaces was a safety hazard to himself. In order to ease the tension between him and the public Staples would whistle tunes from Vivaldi and Beethoven....
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