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Brennan Woods Professor Walton English 101 G December 5, 2009 Misinterpretation of the African American Male Brent Staples is an editorial writer who has written for numerous magazines such as New York Times and Slate . Staples’ 1986 article “Black Men and Public Spaces” first appeared in Ms. Magazine . In his essay, Staples is able to express his personal experiences of how he altered public spaces as young African American male in America. Although twenty-three years have passed since Staples’s article was published, African American men continue to alter public spaces negatively. Unfortunately this is not by one choice, but the mindset of racism, misunderstanding, and the lack of desire from African Americans to break stereotypes. Racism has had a long tradition in America. Many will agree that racism is not as prevalent as it was doing the past, yet it continues to have a significant impact on society. The constant tension between Caucasians and African Americans is one that has caused lives, mental damage, and years of social injustice. In Staples essay, he is highly aware how his presence caused people to act unusual. Considering all the true stereotypes of black men, Staples also understands that their actions are not hallucinations. Racism is not often self motivated, but instilled in the mind by generations before them. As a result, individuals grow up thinking that black men are going to perpetuate the image of being a robber or a murderer. Although various
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black men - Woods Brennan Woods Professor Walton English...

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