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Brennan Woods Professor Walton English 101 November 3, 2009 Birth of the Cool Politically Inspiring Black Writers The panel discussion on inspiring black writers was very informative on how black authors affect society politically, socially, and how history will paint them. The discussion opens up with each panelist giving their own definition of what is cool. Ms. Jayla Randleman of Spelman College explained cool as being daring to be different. Not being afraid to try new experiences experiencing unordinary. Jonathan Collins of Morehouse College explained it as ever changing and that when something is cool it is the always the new and better version. The next topic was political culture and how it affects African Americans. One of the panelist describe political culture as how we embrace culture and how we live. When one think
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Unformatted text preview: about all the writers, vocalist, artisans and their talents it is quite evident how they affect us daily. Often the type music and literature one read often resembles the personality that one has. Political culture has also grown to control our society by allowing it to set standards of what is popular or unpopular. Some of the music in African American culture tells us that one must have shiny rims and cars in order to be significant person in society. In the last decade black writers have used their popularity to greatly affect the political world. Recently in the elections Obama authors such as Tony Morrison, Nikki" Giovanni, Oprah Winfrey openly endorsed him. Endorsements of this kind begin trigger for popularity for Obama and sent him into mainstream....
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