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Hank Aaron-Major Paper

Hank Aaron-Major Paper - Brennan Woods English Composition...

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Brennan Woods English Composition 112 Professor Walton March 03, 2010 A Baseball Pioneer Hank Aaron: Chasing the Dream is from TBS Productions, Inc. It was released in 1995. The film was written and directed by Michael Tollin and produced by Denzel Washington. Michael Tollin is a very successful producer and director who has oversaw productions such as One Tree H ill and Coach Carter . Mr. Washington is one of Hollywood’s most distinguished actors appearing in films such as The Book of Eli and The Preachers Wife. The film was narrated in part by Hank Aaron and Dorian Harewood. Hank Aaron was born February 5 th , 1934 in Mobile, Alabama. The film did an excellent job of retelling the story of Hank Aaron life and his matriculation from Negro League to Major League Baseball. In the film, Hank Aaron first experience with baseball was when he played in local fields of the Toulminville neighborhood. He and his friends would spend hours playing baseball until sun down. As a child, Hank Aaron always proclaimed the dream of playing baseball ball in the major leagues; however, his parents knew that such a dream was very far fetch at that time, considering he was African American. Hank Aaron first professional baseball team was Indiana Clowns. Although Aaron was outstanding baseball player and contributed to an abundance of talent towards baseball, he faced major racial opposition from fans and even teammates who did not want him to be in the league. This would often result in hate mail and death threats towards him and his family. In the film, Hank Aaron most notable achievement was setting the MLB record for most career home runs on   April 8th, 1974. As a resident of Hank Aaron’s hometown, I have always heard the buzz about Hank Aaron as Major League Baseball player. Often I would
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hear family members talking about how he brought inspiration to African American families all over the country. Considering the mindset of some Caucasians back then, I am almost positive that Hank Aaron faced many racist setbacks. Caucasians thought of themselves as being superior to African Americans. Having an African American break the homerun record that was previously set by a Caucasian would only contradict their belief.
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Hank Aaron-Major Paper - Brennan Woods English Composition...

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