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Martin Luther kind Extra Credit

Martin Luther kind Extra Credit - While here they Dr King...

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Brennan Woods Professor Walton English 102 English Composition February 1, 2010 One of the most important aspects of colleges and universities are the alumni who walk the halls as students and later go on to do amazing things. Many colleges can say they have senators, surgeons, and judges; however, only one school can claim to have a single man who completely change the world and fought diligently for equal rights for all man. That school is Morehouse College and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to attend "A Public Conversation - Remembering King: The Morehouse Years". The conversation concentrated on the life of Dr. King while he matriculated through Morehouse. Samuel DuBois Cook '48 and Charles Vert Willie '48 did an excellent job of showing the inside story of Dr. King. Dr. King was a unique student who entered Morehouse in 1944 at the age of fifteen years old.
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Unformatted text preview: While here they Dr. King was the life of the school. He enjoyed dancing and was considered a ladies’ man. He was involved in various activities on campus such Student Government Association. While at Morehouse College Dr. King was mentored by Morehouse own president Dr. Benjamin E. Mays. Although conversation focused on Dr. King it was also nice hearing some of the stories of Dr. Cook ‘48 and Mr. Willie ’48. Dr.Cook was the first African American full-time faculty teacher at any Southern college. He is also the former President of Dillard University. Mr Willie was the first African American professor at Syracuse University. He was also the president of the Morehouse class of 1948. I feel one of the coolest thing about discussion was that even though Dr. King was a extraordinary man he was also a college student who love to party and have fun....
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