Lab 3 - V=344.6 Percent 348.2 m/s – 344.6 m/s 344.6=...

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Brennan Woods Lab Report #3 PHYSICS 102L March 14, 2010 Objective: To determine the velocity of sound in air at room temperature using a resonance tube. Theory: The velocity with which sound travels in air can be determined if the frequency and the wave length are known. The velocity v1 is given V= F x Λ where F is the frequency and Λ is the wave length. In this experiment the velocity of sound @ room temperature will be determine a resonance tube From diagram the difference m the resonance positions L1 and L2 equals L=L2-L1= Λ/2 The wavelength Λ/2=21 substitution into velocity formula gives=2fl Data: L1(m) L2(m) L2-L1(m) 2L(m) V=F x 2L .15 .49 .34 .68 348.2 m/s .15 .49 .15 .49 Ave .15 Ave .49 Calculations Experimental Value V-331 m/s + .6T (22.7)-Temperature =331 m/s + .6(22.7)
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Unformatted text preview: V=344.6 Percent % 348.2 m/s – 344.6 m/s)/ 344.6= 1.044% V= F (Frequency) x Λ (wave length) Frequency= 1/s=Hz-Hertz F=512 Conclusion The experimental value is 348 m/s and the percent error is 1.0447%. The frequency and wavelength differed on the third test. Also, many other factors made the error. The change in time it took for the person sliding the water down differed which caused a different time in which the sound was made. There could have also been a change in temperature from the time the experiment started until the end of the experiment. Other sources of error that may have caused this percent error are inaccurate measure of time the sound was heard and inaccurate calculations that were made...
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Lab 3 - V=344.6 Percent 348.2 m/s – 344.6 m/s 344.6=...

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