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Brennan Woods Professor Howard Hanan Davis in Recital On Sunday March 29 th 2011, I attended Hanan Davis’ junior voice recital. Ms. Davis is a voice student at Spleman College where she studies Ms. Laura English Robinson. I found it interesting and beneficial to the students at Spelman to be able to do two recitals during their studies at the College. She began the recital with a piece entitled “Ch’io mai vi possa” from “siroe”, composed by none other than George Frederick Handel. I was impressed with the singer soprano voice. The second Handel piece she performed on the program, “Oh, Had I Jubal’s Lyric”. Although the entire recital was breath taking, there were several moments where I had to
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Unformatted text preview: resist standing on my feet while Ms. Davis was singing. One of these was she performed H. Leslie Adams’ “The Return from town”. It was evident she knew the music and all aspects of it, but it was because of her emotion and knowledge of the text that I understood the song for more than just some pitches with rhythm. Ms. Hanan Davis did more than perform a wonderful recital. She encouraged all students that day to perfect his/her talent. Her stage presence and etiquette allowed me to believe that this was what she was meant to do. For example, both the singer’s earrings fell off and she continued to sing without any distraction. At that point, I was more amazed at that than her singing....
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