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Mangement Essay - Brennan Woods Dr Williams Management...

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Brennan Woods Dr. Williams Management October 6, 2010 Its Not Power but Influence When I signed up Distributive Education Clubs of America my sophomore year in higher school, I was honestly just signing up to have resume space. As I was filling out the application I was thinking this is totally going to be a wasting of money and not beneficial to my life what so ever. As I look back over those three years in DECA and think what all happened more I realize that during those 3 years I learned from some very special people how to become a great leader and a great person, and I was also taught an essential concept that I will use throughout my life. During the three years in DECA I gained a passion for helping others and watching ideas grow into masterpieces. This led to me to become Alabama DECA President. The experiences I have learned from being Alabama DECA President and now a presenter has given me leadership exposure that I probably could have never gained from anywhere else. It has taught me how to humble myself to people and listen to ideas so that your organization can grow and flourish. DECA, Association of Marketing Students is an organization designed and dedicated to
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Mangement Essay - Brennan Woods Dr Williams Management...

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