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CHAPTER 6 QUIZ - 6.Which minority group owns the largest...

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CHAPTER 6 QUIZ 1. To start any business you must first have Answer: An idea 2.The money used to start a business and keep it running is also called Answer: Capital 3.Which of the following in not part of the definition of a small business? Answer: It employs more than 500 employees 4.Which industries will likely continue to grow as baby boomers age? Answer: Travel, financial planning, and health care 5.Which of the following is an advantage of small-business ownership? Answer: Lower cost of formation
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Unformatted text preview: 6.Which minority group owns the largest number of small businesses in the US? Answer: Hispanics 7.Echo boomers Answer: Were born between 1977 and 1994 8.A license to sell another's products or to use another's name in business is called a Answer: Franchise 9.Downsizing helps firms to become Answer: More flexible 10.Perhaps one of the largest most significant strengths of small businesses is Answer: Their ability to innovate and bring significant changes and benefits to customers....
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