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CHAPTER 9 QUIZ - a Getting products to customers b...

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CHAPTER 9 QUIZ 1.Operations management has the primary responsibility for Answer: Creating products that satisfy customers 2.It is especially difficult to measure quality characteristics when Answer: The product is a service 3.Materials that have been purchased to be used in making other products are included in Answer: Raw materials inventory 4.The buying of all materials needed by the organization is called Answer: Purchasing 5.The transformation process occurs in Answer: All organizations, regardless of product 6.Which of the following activities are included in supply chain management?
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Unformatted text preview: a) Getting products to customers b) Obtaining and managing raw materials c) Managing finished products d) Packaging finished products e) All of the above Answer: Letter E 7.Money, employees, time, and equipment represent an airline's ________ to the transformation process. Answer: Inputs 8.A company performing large, complex tasks such as construction or exploration is called a(n) Answer: Project organization 9.Operations management includes responsibility for Answer: Inputs and outputs 10.The nature of the service providers product requires Answer: A higher degree of customer contact...
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